A3C's 1st Music Hackathon

Register for 24 straight hours of hacking on our collection of music-tech APIs using your programming knowledge and your teammates' skills to develop industry-changing prototypes. Compete to get Harman's Swag Kits, A3C Festival FREE Pass and more. The A3C Music Hackathon is FREE and open to the public with approved application below on this page.

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$4,000 in prizes

JBL Everest Elite Headphones & JBL Pulse 2 Speakers

All Access Pass to A3C Festival (5)

Opportunity to join us in Las Vegas at CES 2017 (5)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Harman Develper APIs

Hack our hardware. The developer or team to create the best tangible use case of the following Harman SDKs/APIs will win our Headphone & Speaker Swag Kits.

We are providing two different SDKs; the first commercial readily available hackable headphones (Everest Elite) and the first glance-able speaker to market (Pulse 2).

SDK’s will be available at:

Pulse 2: http://bit.ly/pulsesdk
Everest Elite: http://bit.ly/sdkeverest

Ready for some gear? One team member is required to register each person and join our Slack community: http://bit.ly/hackmusicatl


MapQuest APIs

API Documentation: https://developer.mapquest.com/documentation/

Link to sign up for a free key to use during the hackathon: 




Celebrity Judge

Celebrity Judge

M. Cole Jones

M. Cole Jones
covello Co-Founder

Mike Walbert

Mike Walbert
A3C Executive Director

Judging Criteria

  • Idea / Concept
    How original, concrete or realistic is the idea or concept.
  • Completeness
    How complete or how much of the idea or concept did the group complete that they presented.
  • Difficulty
    How challenging or hard was the idea/concept that they presented and how technically challenging is their product.
  • Impact to the event
    How much does this project help with the event or provide value to the overall goals and challenges to either the event or the real world.
  • Presentation
    How well did the group present their idea or concept.
  • Viability
    How reasonable, sustainable or realistic is this idea or concept.